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The Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals (MAMP), founded in 1958, is the state's oldest association representing the real estate finance industry.

MAMP Members at an EventWho are MAMP’s Members?

The Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals (MAMP) is an association of professionals from banks, credit unions, independent mortgage firms and affiliate members from organizations that serve the mortgage industry. The association is represented by a board consisting of 12 directors and several committees. As an association, MAMP promotes education, best business practices and integrity in the mortgage industry.

What is MAMP’s Purpose?

MAMP’s purpose is to promote the welfare of the mortgage industry in the State of Maine and to encourage sound and ethical business practices among its members. To sponsor meetings for the purpose of discussing various aspects of the mortgage industry and its allied fields and to provide a forum for new ideas related to the mortgage industry. To acquire information and inform its members of changes in laws affecting the real estate and the mortgage industry. To provide a platform from which the members of the mortgage industry can express their views on practices and legislation affecting the industry. To cooperate with all public and private agencies and the public at large in all matters relating to sound mortgage practices.

Legislative Watch Dog

MAMP’s Legislative committee monitors both state and national laws, rules and regulations to provide up-to-date information to our members. The association sends representatives to Washington DC and Augusta to represent your interests by giving Maine a legislative voice. By evaluating state and federal policy, laws, legislation and regulations related to the mortgage and housing industry, MAMP can take positions, where appropriate, and advocate for these positions in the public sector and in the news media.

Information & Education

During each calendar year MAMP sponsors eight membership meetings to educate and inform members of important issues and their impact on the mortgage industry. MAMP also hosts an annual Expo featuring local and national speakers and additional education opportunities. Some of the events provide NMLS credits. In addition, MAMP sponsors’ other socials and events throughout the year to bring members together to socialize, network and share industry knowledge and experience. National Affiliations MAMP strives to keep members informed on local and national issue that affect the mortgage industry. Through our affiliation with the National Mortgage Bankers Association and National Association of Mortgage Brokers, our membership fees help fund lobbying efforts and provide an opportunity for representatives from our association to travel to Washington DC each year and meet with our congressional delegation.

Benefits of MAMP Membership

Here is a list of just a few of the benefits MAMP membership provides:

  • NMLS education provider
  • Mortgage industry education
  • NMLS & State test prep
  • Annual Expo
  • Discount fees to attend Breakfast, Annual, Expo and all other events hosted by MAMP
  • NMBA and NAMB affiliate
  • Representation at national NMBA and MAMB events
  • Association with other mortgage professionals
  • Newsletter
  • Up-to-date information on local and national regulation and industry trends
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Free Company listing on the MAMP website
  • MAMP is Maine’s voice for the industry!

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